The Girls Are Mighty Fine

The Girls Are Mighty Fine


The happy product of a searching year. My newest collection of cartoons includes short stories, classic one-panels, and my first poem comic!

Bachelor Girl is back in this one, facing such questions as: how do I not become "that girl" crying in the fancy dress? What is the perfect ending to a day of flirting my ass off? What does one do when the soundtrack to an evening of "me time" is one's amorous neighbors? Our sassy broad shows her vulnerable side in this collection, and she does so with panache, and the spirit of bravado you've come to love.

This collection also introduces Lil' Amy, who stars in a series of autobio comics about my childhood. These are sweet moments I remember---playing with Happy Meal toys to my favorite Irish Rovers record, pretending to be a wolf (did it all the time, yo), waiting for Easter morning. Poignant, vivid stories, including being dumbstruck with awe after catching a parent in a sacrificing moment. And one five-page story that brings together Lil' Amy and Bachelor Girl.

I round it all off with a couple stories about some of the kids I work with. They do say the darndest things!!!

If you liked The Single Girls, but maybe wanted a little deeper glimpse into their hearts, this book is for you.

The Girls Are Mighty Fine is black and white with a semi-gloss color cover. 8x7 inches. Each will come signed, and I'll do a lil' sketch.

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