The Youth, Part 1

Last summer I got a big box of stuff from my mom that turned out to be full of things I thought I'd never see again, including most of the comics I drew in high school.

I was one of those literary twerps who mostly loved the books we got assigned in English class, but was just bored enough by it all to need to make my own sassy versions of all those books. Not a lot of those survive, unfortunately, but let's just say that if you have just been assigned to read "Native Son" by Richard Wright, today is your lucky day.

Behold, 16-year-old Amy's astounding, sensitive rendition of NATIVE SON.


One thing I've noticed, and new website

New comic, + I'm moving..... the new site is not very pretty yet, but it will be soon.


10 Ways to Deal with Spending Christmas Alone (When You Really Don't Want To)


This week: Cartoon Carousel and SF Zinefest

Hello out there! Exciting news:

-I'm doing a live reading of "The Georgia Diaries" as part of this week's Cartoon Carousel, a kickoff party for SF Zinefest. It's at the fabulous Cartoon Art Museum (655 Mission Street in San Francisco) this Thursday, August 30, starting at 7pm. Also on the program: Eli Bishop, Gabrielle Gamboa, Ric Carrasquillo, and SF Zinefest special guest Sarah Oleksyk! Come out and see us.

-I'll be tabling at SF Zinefest this weekend, Sept. 1-2, at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. I will be selling all my old books and......

-I'll be selling a new little book full of those Georgia Diaries and some other choice shorts.

-I'm reopening my Etsy store this weekend and will be selling online again. No, don't look at it yet, there's nothing there now. I'll repost the link once there is stuff. But yay right?

If you come to Cartoon Carousel (which will be awesome) or SFZF (which is ALWAYS awesome) you will love it and I hope you'll say hi!



Nerds A Go-Go: ALA Annual 2012

So, it turns out there is more than one kind of nerdy convention I enjoy. In June I got to go to the 2012 ALA Annual Conference-- that's the American Library Association, y'all. It's a big, bustling, baffling conference, and though I still found it far easier to navigate than Comic-Con, there was a lot I missed because I wasn't in the know about how to find things, how to prioritize, and how to network your way into the Macmillan Dessert Party. Not that I needed any more dessert. And, well-- I'm just going to let the comics tell the story.

Here are 11 Lessons Learned from my First ALA Annual.

(Psst- I signed up to table at SF Zine Fest. Which means I will be producing new, printed books soon. Eeep.)