More new cat, and East Bay Zine Fest

Another fun comic for you. If you like this stuff, you should catch me this Saturday at East Bay Zine Fest. If you can't, good news for you! I'm re-opening my etsy store. Should be back up and stocked by Monday.



Judgey cat is judgey

We got a new cat recently, and as he spent his customary first day sniffing everything in the house, I started feeling self-conscious about things. Like "oh, I don't know why I still have that," or "I've been meaning to fix that thing."


The other white meat

When choosing desserts this Thanksgiving, don't forget about APPLE.


It's pumpkin season


Bored? Let's draw comics!

One day at my library, some kids and I got bored and started drawing comics. I found the template online, I did not make it. 

In this story you see the inherent kindness of a child, jk. This is actually exactly how every interaction I have with this little girl begins. She also once taught me how to pose like a "fast girl" (she was five at the time).

I will confess to having "sent home" this particular kiddo once or twice, but I don't say "kicked out," that was her wording.

These are the little scamps who gave me a makeover, by the way, one morning when there was nothing going on. That's what I get for having such a boring library.